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Conference 2019.
Taxing the Digital Economy in India.
24th Conference.
Commemorative Issue
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Foundation for International Taxation - Mumbai

The Foundation for International Taxation (FIT) is an educational charitable Trust in India registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 since 18th January 2006. It was established to promote the knowledge and understanding of International Tax laws through research, training, publications and other allied activities.

FIT has been conducting a major International Taxation Conference in the first week of December every year in Mumbai. FIT also organises Training Programmes and Workshops on various aspects of international taxation (e.g. Basic International Taxation and Transfer Pricing). It has announced a specialist "master course" in Taxation of Digital Economy in April 2014 for experienced professionals. It now plans to start a reference library of international tax books, journals and databases at its office in Mumbai. The library will be open to all professionals interested in the study and research of international taxation at no charge. One of the major problems faced by professionals is access to study materials.

International taxation deals solely with cross-border transactions involving the study of tax rules in domestic laws of countries affecting cross-border transactions. Hence, the knowledge and practice of international taxation requires an in-depth study of tax laws and policies in both home and host jurisdictions as well as a detailed study and understanding of bilateral tax treaties and international tax practices.

As an educational charity dedicated to international taxation in India, the main objects of the Trust are as follows:

  1. To develop and expand the knowledge and practice of International Taxation among tax professionals in India, particularly from industry, profession, judiciary and the tax administration ("Stakeholders");
  2. To better equip the various Stakeholders to understand the global fiscal interaction of taxable transactions through conferences and study sessions in India with Indian and visiting foreign experts and to cooperate with similar international organisations operating in India and abroad;
  3. To advance the knowledge of international taxation through academic research programs and to provide specialist open courses in India and abroad at affordable costs to enhance the knowledge, practical expertise and research in the field of international taxation;
  4. To promote the study of comparative international fiscal law and public finance in general, through an in-house library, research programs and scholarships for advanced study in India and abroad;
  5. To encourage and assist other organisations and institutions engaged in the above objectives academically or professionally in India in the national interest and lead them where appropriate through innovative solutions;
  6. To provide high level experts to represent India in Indian and international fora as experts in international taxation, where appropriate.

Our medium to long-term goal is to establish a world class educational academy in international taxation studies in India (based in Mumbai). We look forward to your support.

Current books available in the library are listed in the enclosed catalogue. FIT will also provide access to the IBFD and Taxmann websites for use at its office in Mumbai at present. FIT intends to add to its collection In future.


The Foundation was advised by Professor Klaus Vogel (deceased) professor emeritus at
the University of Munich, Germany.


  • Professor Roy Rohatgi             
  • :
  • T.P. Ostwal
  • :
  • Kiran Umrootkar
  • :
  • Sachin Menon
  • :
  • Sunil Moti Lala             
  • :
  • Mukesh Butani            
  • :


  • Mukesh Butani
  • :
  • Nishith Desai
  • :
  • Gautam Doshi
  • :
  • Shanker Iyer (Singapore)
  • :
  • Dinesh Kanabar
  • :
  • Michael Lang (Austria)
  • :
  • Belema Obuoforibo (IBFD)
  • :
  • Jeffrey Owens (UK)
  • :
  • T P Ostwal
  • :
  • Jairaj Purandare
  • :
  • Pasquale Pistone (IBFD)
  • :
  • Rajesh Ramloll (Mauritius)
  • :
  • Pranav Sayta
  • :
  • Jan Maarten Slagter (IBFD)
  • :
  • Rohan Shah
  • :
  • Parthasarathi Shome
  • :
  • Kiran Umrootkar
  • :
  • Victor van Kommer (IBFD)
  • :

    Our Registered Office is:

    622, Maker Chambers V,
    6th Floor, 221 Nariman Point,
    Mumbai 400 021
    Tel : +91-22-2202 4259/60/61

    If you have any questions, please contact us by email on:

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